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Learning Accessible Web Design

Headings, images, keyboard navigation, color contrast - these are just a few of the accessibility concepts and techniques to be aware of when creating accessible web content. The Teach Access project offers a short, hands-on tutorial to learn how to support accessibility practices and make a difference on the Web!

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accessible web design

ICT Accessibility

Identify criteria for making information/communication technology more accessible.

Evaluation Tools

Let us help you identify accessibility issues with a FREE site-wide evaluation tool.

Accessible Documents

A step-by-step guide to make MS Word documents and PDFs accessible.

About the CCC Accessibility Center

The CCC Accessibility Center proactively assesses the California community college system's web and information technology accessibility needs and offers services, guidance and technical assistance to help colleges in realizing an accessible technology environment. Diversity and inclusion are core values embraced by the California Community Colleges. Accessible websites and information technology positively impacts individuals with disabilities, offering greater opportunity for engagement and participation in pursuit of lifelong learning throughout California's community colleges.

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